About the Fine Arts Center

photograph of the seating in the FHPS Fine Arts Center auditorium

Reflecting the community’s spirited dedication to the arts—and made possible through a special bond referendum approved in 2000—the Forest Hills Public Schools Fine Arts Center was created to enhance the artistic growth and enjoyment of area youth, families, and seniors. Custom designed and equipped with leading-edge technology, the 62,000 square foot facility provides a uniquely effective environment for learning opportunities and staged performances in all aspects of the performing and visual arts, including:

  • Performances produced by schools within the school district
  • An annual subscription series of traveling productions by world-class professionals
  • Special concerts, performances, and lectures by featured performing artists and speakers
  • Art exhibits by local students and local, regional, and national artists
  • A selective artist-in-residence program for the mutual benefit of artists and area students
  • A broad spectrum of art enrichment classes for youth, adults, and seniors
colored illustration of the sections of seating at the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center
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Nestled on a spacious green campus in the heart of the Forest Hills community, the Fine Arts Center is a dramatic composition in concrete, copper and glass. Designed in harmony with its natural surroundings, it is among the first facilities of its type to be certified for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) by the United States Green Building Council.

The state-of-the-art facility offers the resources and amenities more typically associated with a regional performance theater, including a 4,500 square foot stage in an auditorium that seats more than 1,200 people. The scenic lobby provides a natural backdrop for the display of original artwork and doubles as a spacious venue for trade shows, conferences, banquets, receptions, and more. An adjoining café offers guests a comfortable spot to relax between activities, and enjoy a snack or beverage during intermissions. Throughout the building, multi-purpose meeting and classrooms equipped with the latest audio-visual and Internet technologies offer maximum flexibility to support a broad range of functions, while our visual arts and dance studios provide creative working environments for students and professionals.

Owned and operated by Forest Hills Public Schools, the Fine Arts Center is self-sustaining through an endowment fund, class tuitions, performance-generated revenues, and fees charged for private rental of the facility and its resources. Generous commitments of time and effort by a corps of volunteers with a visionary community and artistic spirit make the amazing things accomplished here possible.

Fine Arts Center Staff

Theater Seating Views

view from the balcony 2 center section of the forest hills fine arts center
view from the balcony 1 center section of the forest hills fine arts center
view from the mezzanine center section of the forest hills fine arts center
view from the mezzanine HL section of the forest hills fine arts center
view from the mezzanine HR section of the forest hills fine arts center
view from the parterre center section of the forest hills fine arts center
view from the orchestra HL section of the forest hills fine arts center
view from the orchestra HR section of the forest hills fine arts center
view from the orchestra center section of the forest hills fine arts center
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Tom Clinton
"It is always great to have a space in which to exhibit one’s work, particularly a space as lovely as the Fine Arts Center. The staff was a pleasure to work with. But perhaps the the biggest surprise was how much I enjoyed working with the high school students. They were enthusiastic, receptive and engaged. I hope they had as good a time as I did."

Tom Clinton

John Neering
"It was a pleasure working with you and your staff at the Center and I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with the Forest Hills teachers and their students."

John Neering

John AC Despres
"My experience with the staff at the Forest Hills FAC was most enjoyable. Their knowledge, experience and willingness to help go a long way toward an overall wonderful experience. The beautiful facility has met the demands of every exhibit I’ve seen there.”With a caring staff and an exquisite space, it doesn’t get much better than the FHFAC."

John AC Despres

Cameron VanDyke
"It was an all around great experience. Their support from promotion, to installing the show, to reception volunteers, to continued encouragement has been a really meaningful part of my journey as an artist."

Cameron VanDyke

Carl Forslund
"The experience that I had with the Center was nothing short of fabulous. The staff covered every detail and anticipated any needs I had before I even thought of them. As they may recall, I chose to speak to the art students from all three high schools and then visit each class individually. This was a blast and I would do it again in a minute."

Carl Forslund

Reb Roberts
"Let me say that many, many organizations have asked artists for a contribution of some kind. I find that there has always been something wonderfully refreshing in the fact that the Forest Hills Fine Art Center and its staff have continuously asked, ‘What can we do for artists?’ They have reached out to the greater community and organized and promoted the incredibly progressive art extravaganza last spring for the Avenue for the Arts. What an innovative and inclusive way to bring our art communities together. Thank you Forest Hills for being so generous to artists and honoring their purpose."

Reb Roberts

E. Lynne O’Rourke
"The Artist-in-Residence program at Forest Hills Fine Arts Center was a very positive experience, because of the cooperation of the well-informed and professional staff. Of course the facility’s wonderful exhibit space is perfect to accommodate vast amounts of artwork as well as people. Thanks again for the opportunity to have this great experience at the Center."

E. Lynne O'Rourke

"The FHFAC family cares about the success of their artists. They take the TIME to listen and respond with care, kindness, and generosity."


Ann Teliczan
"Exhibiting at the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center (FHFAC) is an experience I will always remember fondly and look forward to doing again. It is a tremendously supportive environment for the arts, and the artist in a time when this is so strongly needed. Having the FHFAC as a resource is a treasure that gives not only to artists and our children, it expands our world and adds to the value of our community. I feel lucky to have been selected to be a part of such an innovative, uplifting place."

Ann Teliczan

Laura Madison
"At Northern High School, I see our community as a quilt. Every piece represents the uniqueness of the individual student. We’re placed together to support each other; we’re complete when there are no missing pieces. I value building relationships with the students and in our community. Randy (Centennial Securities president) has played an important part in making our quilt a reality. I’m very thankful, and appreciate the contributions of the other companies give."

Laura Madison, Forest Hills Northern High School Art Teacher

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